Melon offers unique opportunities for equally striking individuals based on the following simple formula:

Smart + Creative + Business Sense = Melon Head

We believe in hiring people who are smarter than we are. That doesn’t mean ‘genius’, it means ‘throw away the manual, think on your feet and deliver practical solutions.’ There are many complex problems of delivering a product that makes life easy. If you’re ready to Amaze us, we are ready to respect you.

Creativity is not unique to the arts. Whether your passion is software engineering, marketing, accounting or HR, when you’re doing what you love you are creative, and around here, creativity breeds amazing. Next to soil, sunlight and water, amazing is the secret ingredient to our thriving Melon Patch.

Business Sense
As creative as we like to be, form must always follow function. If our products make life harder for our customers then we’re not a workplace, we’re just a day care. No matter what your role at Melon, understanding our business, objectives and—most importantly—customers will set you on the same page as the rest of us so we can achieve more while always improving.

Engineers are the heart of our corporate vision. Both efficient and scalable, our code implements solutions to satisfy the constraints of simplicity and modularity, broken into their distinct components. Easy to debug, our code will grow well into the future.

Data Driven
“If you can’t prove it by data, it never happened.” In other words, if we can’t measure it, it goes on our ‘YETI’ list of the paranormal we like to theorize over in the break room.

Everyone at Melon shares in all aspects of the business transparently: the wins, the losses and everything in between. There are no special accommodations—even for our typically maverick engineers—because most of our complex problems have and will continue to be solved beyond any single cubicle or conference room.

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