As soon as we figure out how to keep the lights on for free, Melon will be free for all! Until then, however, like you do in your chosen field, we must charge for our service. In the spirit of the transparency in which we conduct all our affairs, the following is an explanation of our fee structures so there are no surprises.

Melon Basic Pro

Melon pricing info graphic

This is our default Melon Professional account type. It gives you access to our job bank and many other features for NO upfront cost. Here’s some of the details:

  • All transactions for a Basic Pro run through Melon, from estimation to invoicing and job payments.
  • Limited communication with customers is via Melon Chat through the app.
  • All jobs are paid for via credit card where Melon takes a 2-part fee from the total invoice amount:
    • Part 1: 3% of the total invoice amount goes directly to our Credit Card Processor and Melon doesn’t ever see it!
    • Part 2: 12% of the total invoice amount, BUT to a maximum of $100 per job.


Premium ProMelon Premium Pro – $49.95/month* +tax

This is our flat fee subscription service for Premium users. This monthly fee provides the following benefits:

  • NO Melon Commission Fee on any job
  • Accept cash, cheque or any other form of direct payment from customers
  • Process credit cards through the Melon app, if you choose, and only pay 3% credit card processing fee
  • Communicate openly with customers via Melon Chat, phone or email
  • Get highlighted to customers with additional Premium Badge
  • Exclusive bonuses and promotions throughout the year only available to Premium Pros


Where your fees go:

  • Compensating external data providers for hosting, SMS, bandwidth, etc.
  • Covering our capital investments, such as office space and computer hardware.
  • Feeding our nerd army, responsible for our efficient and stable product. (They were caught printing money, so we became a paperless organization. They’re probably attempting BitCoin now.)
  • Sculpting those amazing voices you hear when you need specialized assistance.
  • General Administration. (Yeah, they may seem boring… Until the beer pong table appears.)
  • National and regional marketing, Melon executes various marketing efforts for the entire network.


*Charges will be paid up front for the subsequent 30 days. Your credit card will be automatically charged every 30 days until you unsubscribe. You are free to cancel at any time, but the remaining paid portion of your monthly subscription is nonrefundable. Subscribing again will start a new cycle on that date.

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