We are always looking for smart, creative people who employ good business sense and share our positive belief structure. If you would like to become part of the Melon experience, please read Core Values and Jobs before dropping us a line.


"Big Melon"

Curt is the founder and driving Vision behind Melon. Over the last two decades, Curt has assembled a number of great teams that have allowed him to found, build, sell, and take public a number of Internet – related companies.


Android 'Guru'

Tyler is one of those rare guys who just gets mobile and more specifically he gets Android Mobile.


IOS Engineer

Mike brings over 10 years experience in IOS development. Having worked on numerous IOS applications, he is consistently looking to provide a better, easier to use, and more efficient Melon experiences for our IOS users.


City Manager

Jonathan is the guy who works with our users on a day-to-day basis … when he isn’t out being an Ironman. A true entrepreneur, Jonathan has built and sold a number of successful businesses and has a “Customer first” attitude.


UX/UI Aficionado


Pro Advocate

Josh is all about making sure our Pros have the Application feature set so they are able to do their job everyday. He is out on the streets talking to the Pros every day to ensure they are providing services that AMAZE the users of our service.


Senior Engineer

Adrian brings a wealth of server-side knowledge to Melon. Although he works specifically on the stuff that users don’t see, his philosophy is about building products and services that will dazzle customers on a day-to-day basis!


Marketing Diva

Don’t let the looks fool ya – this girl is “all business”. Jen brings a plethora of marketing skills – both old school and new age. She is always looking to find new ways to get our message out to those who will listen.

Why We Do It

Our singular goal with the Melon platform is to provide a simple tool for what has become an over complicated need that people face every day. Enriching lives by making the interactions between Professional Contractors and their Customers more transparent—enjoyable even—leaves a mark that we’re proud of on this lil’ blue and green spinning orb.

Melon’s platform is about creating transparency in business. It’s about helping Professionals find great Customers and vice versa. But it’s also about helping Customers understand the marketplace, discovering great value, and building long-term trust in this scalable economy—a sadly shaky fundamental in our modern times.

Good Experience Become Great Memories
Every day, we have thousands of interactions with other people. These interactions happen when we, for example, drive with, type to and smile at another person. But how many of these experiences stay with us? Melon understands the value of great experiences and long lasting positive memories. Our promise to you is that every experience you have with the Melon platform will be positive and memorable.

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