Great App

“I finally got my melon account set up. Super easy to get set up and quite user-friendly. Thanks for letting me know about it. I’ll spread the word too!”—Customer Tim M

Convenience At It’s Best

“Very helpful App has been very convenient to use so far, I hired a local dog sitter for our family dog while we went away for the weekend, prompt service and the billing process was very convenient. Will be using Melon again to finish various jobs around the house that my husband has been putting off for months.”—Natasha M.

Great For Property Managers

“It’s very cool! Property managers would love this service if they knew about it and their contractors were on board. Great concept. I’ll certainly be using it when needed and passing the info to friends.”—Terry Newal, Manager, Strata

Highly Recommended

“The App help me find a great contractor who put siding on my workshop shed. He was prompt, courteous, and went above and beyond the specified work.”—Curt CJ

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