There Is No Right Or Wrong Way To Pick A Professional

Every circumstance is different. What you look for in any particular project will have a big impact on who makes the best sense for the job. It is always good to talk to the Professional before you award them the job. Your diligence will make sure the Professional truly understands your expectations and will help ensure you receive the results you seek.

If you have trouble explaining your needs or are unsure about what you are requesting, simply ask for help and understanding with your explanation. Remember: they’re the Professional—it’s their job to help you. What may sound insane in your head is likely something they hear every day, so never be afraid to ask.

Melon works hard to review the information provided by Professionals on our site, but we do not have a full interview process nor do we perform extensive screening for each Professional. We also do not screen each Professional working with a business under one profile (or ‘sub-contractors’).

Although most of us are price conscious, it may not always make the most sense to pick the least expensive estimate. Instead, consider the value that are getting; in almost all cases good value will trump the best price, and if you can find both—then you have a winner.


When a Professional provides us with their license information, we check the information with the Provinces’ licensing authority where possible and note when we can verify the information provided by the Professional. If you are dealing with a Professional where there is no regulating body (such as painters, landscapers, etc.), the following hints may help you narrow the field of Professionals:

  • Review previous Customer feedback both within and outside Melon’s Network
  • Review their tenure
  • Review photos or video of their previous work

We encourage our Professionals to document the projects they work on and the jobs they complete. If a Professional has an extensive gallery collection of quality work, this will give you a sense of their expertise and quality.

We ask you to use your best judgment and exercise caution as you would when hiring any Professional or contractor. Melon does not insure against losses from work contracted through Melon, mediate disputes between Customers and Professionals or guarantee or review the work of the Professionals that do business through Melon. For extended details, please review our legal policies.

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